The crazy psychedelic combo of the self-created kitsch and amazing art from the history to the in-spot improvisation of the Tallinn’s restaurant Tai Boh was the perfect location to photograph the Alexanderling new Autumn/Winter collection. The bright and extravagant use of colors, mixing electrical blue with coral orange on top of the luxurious fabrics as taffeta, sateen, Chantilly creates a vibe between paints such as neutral grey, beige, light pink and materials like mesh, neoprene and jersey. These materials and colours couldn’t be more diametrically opposed. The famous wooden villa was home to a pharmacists where more than a century ago the same obsessional mixtures were blended together as the outlooks of the collection. There’s something that fascinates the designer about the historical building, who’s been finding a lot of her source material in the exterior design lately. Alexanderling is who she is, a womenswear brand, and so in the end, this collection didn’t differ as much from the last as its origin story suggested it might. Alexanderling has all the hallmarks of the other design brands of Estonia—unique pieces, little details that make up the quality, covered-up warm winter silhouettes and everyday outfits of comfy materials—only at a nicer price.

Photos: Jörgen Paabu

Model: Marleen Roosna

MUA: Johanna Kaijanen

Hair: Heleni Post